You can't wake a girl
who pretends to be asleep.

uta for yegas


i have 0 problems with men expressing themselves outside of the male gender role. it’s when they say it makes them women that i start to have a problem. 

That’s what Haruka-senpai said but is that really good enough?

How is porn rape?


1. You don’t know the circumstances under which the video was filmed, produced or distributed.

2. Most of the time the women aren’t paid until the end of the shoot and many sexual acts that are not wanted are sprung on them and in order to actually take home that pay check, they are coerced into acts that they did not consent to.

3. These videos/images can not be taken down from the internet at a later date, one can not with draw their participation in pornography (genuine consent requires the ability to withdraw it,)

4. Many women in the porn industry are survivors of abuse or are in precarious financial situations or may out right trafficked. There aren’t other choices out there for them and porn may be their only option. This is not consent.

5. Many women are raped for pornography - look at the cases of Steubenville, Rehtaeh Parsons or the 2006 Werribee Incident in Australia. Or a more recent case in the UK where a young woman was murdered by a young man who was trying to recreate BDSM pornography.
I (mod P) have been raped and my rapist made pornography of it. These are not by any means isolated accounts.

Ghosts of the past


Haikyuu!! - anime vs manga // episode 15

(inspired by x)


they’re married

"You ate with your gas mask still on?”



daichi/suga | 926 words | rated m


filling this request… i hope you enjoy ahh

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I saw that in a nickelodeon once and I always wanted to do it.


clever ways to plant one on the babe


shut up Sokka

23 days of sasuke [1/23]


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