You can't wake a girl
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Epistemic Violence, Erasure and The Value Of Black Life

Above I tweeted about the continued epistemic violence and erasure that happens when Black deaths are used as memes, tropes and metaphors to center non-Black lives while living breathing Black people are harmed, gaslighted, degraded, abused and executed, and told that we do not experience the very same oppression that people use to center anyone else. This comes from both Whites and non-Black people of colour, regularly. Just as settler colonialism is inherent in the foundation of this country, so is anti-Blackness. So State violence occurring here does not have to mirror any other place to be real when this violence has centuries of history in the U.S. and when Black people are dying right now. Not metaphorically. Really dying right now. 

In my first tweet I mentioned “Black criminals” because one, criminality is inferred on Black bodies regardless of validity—it was inferred on Michael Brown regardless of it being false and was instead motived by anti-Blackness and racism,—and two, thinking along the lines of Angela Davis’ Are Prisons Obsolete?, I am not supportive of dehumanization even within incarceration and I question the existing structure of the Prison Industrial Complex.

If Black life is only valuable insofar as the oppression can be separated from the people to highlight someone else’s experience while the same Black people are degraded, then this “value” is actually violence. There are ways to easily contextualize and even examine similarities and differences in the experiences of non-Black people and Black people without anti-Blackness. It is because of anti-Blackness that so few non-Black people ever try to. 

This is not about Black people “owning” oppression. It’s about specific anti-Blackness as oppression literally not mattering whatsoever to so many people unless it makes for good click bait to center something/someone else in a non-intersectional and straight up anti-Black way or to use as “symbolic” oppression and death to center non-Black lives deemed “more valuable” than Black ones. This is not okay. (And it is still not okay to derail protest against extrajudicial execution, State violence and Constitutional infringement with intraracial crime among civilians, what every race experiences [even as only Black people are pathologized with having intraracial civilian crime and then dehumanized by the suggestion that we don’t care], or with the politics of respectability.) 

"They are comparing Ferguson to war zones outside the US because this doesn’t seem like home. Certainly not the home they know. They can’t fathom it happening in their country. No my friends, this is America. This is your country. This is what it has always been. Violence committed against Black people is as American as apple pie." - atane

When people say Ferguson, MO in America “looks like a war zone” without acknowledging America IS a war against Black people because of anti-Blackness, they engage in erasure. Erasure is violence. Erasure is antithetical to solidarity.

(R.I.P. Michael Brown. Love to his mother Lesley McSpadden, his family and his community under attack by State violence. Love to all of the Black people/families who faced and will face this violence and to Black people who know the oppression we face and our lives themselves aren’t just ideas for comparison and consumption and deserve better than epistemic violence and erasure.)


when you dont have enough money to pay for daycare AND dog sitting


MWPSB Unit 1 enforcer | Nobuchika Ginoza

jung sisters at smtown 2014


okay so obviously highly unlikely but imagine the Iwatobis get to nationals on their individual events and Rei’s swimming and he finishes and rips off his goggles and swimming cap but he doesn’t have his glasses so he can’t see the score board and then Nagisa runs up to him and pulls him out of the pool and into a hug and sobs out that Rei got first place???







Sex trafficking laws assume that all underage sex workers are exploited young girls who have been forced into such work by a vicious pimp. But does this actually reflect the experience of most young, domestic sex workers? Using ethnographic research from Atlantic City and New York City, Anthony Marcus, Chris Thomas, and Amber Horning find that underage sex workers have much more agency in their relationships with pimps than many assume[…]

*rubs eyes*

Yup. It’s real.


This is gross.

Did they just invent 

traffick positive (◕‿◕✿)

(remember, sex traffick is only what you make it to be!!)

"young, domestic sex workers" sounds so much nicer than "child rape victims", doesn’t it

If you want to know how damaging the discourse around “child sex workers” having “agency in their relationships with their pimps”, look at how many of the victims (all or mostly teenage girls) of some of the recent child sexual abuse gangs in various parts of the UK were initially treated by social services, the police, and other agencies. 

Girls who had been groomed, threatened, beaten, raped, and prostituted at house parties, were described as making “lifestyle choices” when their parents and carers asked for help.  The authorities concentrated on the girls drinking and behaviour, not on what was being done to them by adult men. 

When the police eventually acted and the men were bought to court the girls spent days and even weeks being cross-examined, as each accused man had his own lawyer who questioned each girl separately - and were accused of lying and asked to repeat distressing details over and over.  If the police and the CPS had charged the men of trafficking (which there was evidence for) rather than rape and other crimes, the young women would not have had to take the stand.

I’m not opposed to research into how children and teenagers are prostituted and what can be done to help prostituted children and teenagers and prevent the prostitution of children - but explaining this in terms of children’s agency when CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT TO SEX and grooming is a thing, is disgusting and shows these academics are on the side of the men who rape children, not the young people they are researching.

For us to blend into human society,

we need to have a mask that we never take off. 








I deserved this.

A woman was rude to my owner. So I got hit in the face. When one bitch doesn’t know her place, it’s every bitch’s fault, and when one bitch misbehaves, any bitch can punished.

I would love to see her face when she saw the consequences of her shitty behavior.  Then I’d love to slap her in the face a few times before pushing her down on the bed between his legs and shoving her face into his crotch to lick his balls and ass while I hold her down and suck his cock. Cunts like that need to be taught a lesson about where women belong and what their purpose is.

Hubby, I think this needs to start happening immediately. I want to be punished for any unruly cunt you meet during the day.


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Get help

this is literally one of the most disgusting things i have seen in a long time. especially since the repetition of the “i deserve this” mimics
exactly what women in abusive relationships are told by their abuser, what women who have been raped repeat to themselves, to protect their abuser.

the fact that a fucking FEMINIST blog posted this shit and added that is so beyond disgraceful and disgusting.

and you fucking tagged it as “consensual misogyny” you can’t be fucking serious girl, you can’t honestly believe that you are a feminist or that you can pull shit like this while still claiming the title.
honestly, you really do need help. this is so not right and so disrespectful to abuse survivors. please stop.


— Sheila Jeffreys, Beauty and Misogyny (2005)


Shingeki no Kyojin OVA #3: Eren Jaeger




U.S. Martin Luther King Jr being attacked as he marched nonviolently for the Chicago Freedom Movement, 1966, which was the most ambitious civil rights campaign in the North of the United States, and lasted from mid-1965 to early 1967.

If only he’d been well-spoken, pulled his pants up and didn’t wear a hoodie… oop… wait…

Please really look at this. Look at how many men are on him. Look at how you can see he is not attacking anyone. Look at how he is dressed. Imagine the fear he has that this moment may have been his last. Remember that he was assassinated by forces within the U.S. gov’t because of his mission. Before you pull that string on that MLK Jr. watered-down quote teddy, look at this, look at what’s happening today, and really fucking think.


TERF is the new witch. TERF is useful for quelling dissent. Any woman can be called a terf, even liberal feminists that LOVE men, it’s easy name her one and watch her scramble to defend herself,” no-no, i’m not a TERF, she is!” and the best way to clear herself of charges is label another woman a…